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Mio DigiWalker C310x GPS Navigation MP3 GPS System


Garmin seem to be on the top end of GPS system manufacture at the minute. Look out especially for systems that have memorycard expansion slots – and a pre-requisite to me now would be bluetooth built in, which will allow you to use it for hands-free cell phone calls.

You can check out the various auto GPS navigation systems at
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Guildford Loft Conversions ?
March 29th, 2007
Passive gravitational mass is a measure of the strength of an object’s interaction with the gravitational field. Within the same gravitational field, an object with a smaller passive gravitational mass experiences a smaller force than an object with a larger passive gravitational mass. (This force is called the weight of the object. In informal usage, the word “weight” is often used synonymously(confused with) with “mass”, because the strength of the gravitational field is roughly constant everywhere on the surface of the Earth. In physics, the two terms are distinct: an object will have a larger weight if it is placed in a stronger gravitational field, but its passive gravitational mass remains unchanged.)

Active gravitational mass is a measure of the strength of the gravitational field due to a particular object. For example, the gravitational field that one experiences on the Moon is weaker than that of the Earth because the Moon has less active gravitational mass.
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doe.s anybody knows about e-global enterprise?
March 29th, 2007
address 6 commercial street hicksville ny 11801usa.

I found this:

10.16.2001E-GLOBAL.NET INC aka EG Enterprises Import & Export Inc

110 Stewart Avenue Hicksville, NY 11801

On this page:

It’s a bankruptcy listing.

Hope this helps,

I’m going to be upgrading my TV and Audio systems this christmas…
and I’m tired of wires running everywhere to my speakers.
Are there any good ‘wireless’ systems out there? Recommendations?

The most expensive will have decent sound at best. Look for
those that have the wireless surround speakers ’cause that
is the main unsightly wiring set-ups. Look for some on one
of these product and price comparison websites -and voila!

Short answer:
A trademark for the certification of products that meet certain standards for transmitting data over wireless networks


As of 2005 all Toyota’s are pre-wired for Lo/jack. Which means that every vehicle is capable of using Lo/jack features however it’s not activated unless you choose to purchase the car with Lo/jack. Usually the dealers will push you into buying this and say you can save money with your insurance to cover the costs. I don’t recommend it as that my insurance agent said that if your car is stolen, you do not want it back. Who knows what could be missing by the time Lo/jack recovers your car.

Explain what they do and the deparments that fall under it.

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